About us

Established in Jan 2017, Photography Stop Ireland strives to bring photography to new people everyday. We supply a range of photography equipment that spans across the discipline.

We are a couple of photography mad folk from the west of Ireland. We want to promote photography as a way of life to everyone and anyone we can. We love seeing new people taking up the hobby and trying out new techniques. Everyone has a different perspective on the world and photography is an excellent way of showing this perspective to others. We want to see those new ways of seeing the world and witness the joy they bring to others.

One of our passions is allowing people to access photography equipment at a reasonable cost. You don't have to spend millions to make great photos and we truly believe that.

Please do feel free to reach out and contact us about anything photography related because we will love to chat about it!

Photographystop Ireland standing on a rock at lough gill in sligo Ireland near dooney rock out taking photographs in march