Mcoplus 40M/130ft  Camera Underwater Housing Waterproof Shell Case For Nikon J5 10mm Lens - Photography Stop Ireland

Mcoplus 40M/130ft Camera Underwater Housing Waterproof Shell Case For Nikon J5 10mm Lens

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This waterproof case for Nikon J5 10mm Lens camera  is suitable for taking photos or videos underwater up to about 40 meters, Easily operated. Freely capture the underwater world when you are diving at holidays. Have fun! Meanwhile, this case could protect your camera out of the water too!


·Material: PC(polycarbonate),Clear plate glass,stainless steel,EPDM rubber.

·Maximun depth: 40m(130ft).
·Waterproofing: waterproof seal.
·Camera operating temperature: 0-40℃.(32-104F)
·"O" ring sealed with spring-loaded
·1/4″ tripod screw on the bottom
·Durable and resistant to corrosion, clear view of the camera information and control
·Ideal for diving, surfing, snorkeling, skiing, yacht or other activities
·Suitable for rain, snow, dusty or muddy environment
·Coming with lubricant grease and rubber band

·Custom made to fit your digital camera perfectly,made by Meikon.


Checking before Using:


·Check if the water proof camera housing in good condition everytime before using it, make sure there is no sand or dust
·After coating waterproof oil, fill-up all tissues inside the case, and then close the case, put the case to at least 0.2M depth of water and keep for at least 5 minutes, make sure there is no water get in.
·After above two steps checking, you can put your camera in and use it freely now.


Maintenance after using:


·Using fresh water to wash the inside of the case, do not use water tempreture higher than 40 celsius degree, otherwise will hurt the waterproof case
·If use it in deep sea area, do wash it much longer time, suggest put it in fresh water for several hours
·Make sure all the waterproof case inside the fresh water, including the safety lock of the waterproof case
·After wash it cearly, use soft cloth to make it dry lightly, and put in the shade ventilated place to dry it
·Residual seawater will damage the metal part of the case, it will hurt the button, hinge and lock
·Do use clean and soft cloth to clean the inside of the waterproof case
·O-seal ring must be washed cleanly after take down, and use the seal bag to keep it safe; or put it on the waterproof case but not lock the case, to keep the o-seal flexible enough; whole box put into seal bag and keep it dry and safe, it will protect the waterproof case and make it work much longer time